“Chaos to Calm: The Road to Self-Regulation” by Ian Bates is your guide to conquering overwhelming emotions and regaining control over your life. Discover practical tools and strategies to manage anger, anxiety, and impulsiveness. This transformative journey from disorder to serenity equips you with the skills to master your emotions and find balance in daily life. Join Ian Bates on this path to self-mastery and embrace a new way of being with “Chaos to Calm.”

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Are emotions taking over your life? Feeling overwhelmed by anger, anxiety, or impulsiveness? “Chaos to Calm: The Road to Self-Regulation” offers you the keys to emotional mastery. 

Are you tired of feeling out of control? Struggling with emotional outbursts, stress, or impulsive reactions that leave you with regret? “Chaos to Calm: The Road to Self-Regulation” is here to guide you on a transformative journey from disorder to serenity. 

Author and practicing clinician, Ian Bates, delves into the art of emotional self-regulation, equipping readers with tools and strategies to control and manage their feelings. Discover the power of the “window of tolerance,” your personal comfort zone for handling emotions and stress. Learn how to adjust the volume of your emotions, finding that sweet spot where balance and control reign. 

This book takes you on a powerful exploration of self-regulation, the practice of managing and controlling your emotions, thoughts, and actions. This book is more than just theory though; it’s a lifeline to those who find themselves lost in the tumult of daily life. 


– Strategies to identify and understand your emotional triggers 

– Techniques to pause, reflect, and respond rather than react 

– Practical exercises to break free from unhealthy coping mechanisms 

– Insights to cultivate balance and well-being in your everyday life 


Whether you’re prone to anger outbursts, relying on unhealthy coping mechanisms, or simply want to enhance your emotional intelligence, “Chaos to Calm” offers a roadmap to a more thoughtful and controlled existence. 

Join Ian on a journey to discover your “window of tolerance” and master your emotions. With “Chaos to Calm,” you’re not merely surviving emotional turbulence; you’re learning to ride the waves with grace and confidence. 

Just like learning a musical instrument or a new sport, self-regulation is a skill that can be nurtured and refined. With patience, practice, and the guidance found in this book, you can transition from a life of turmoil to one of calm. 

Embark on the journey to self-mastery and find new ways to handle life’s challenges with grace and composure. With “Chaos to Calm,” you’re not just reading a book; you’re embracing a new way of being. 


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Chaos to Calm: The Road to Self-Regulation (Paperback)